Saturday, January 11, 2014

Festival of Lights

Shirt- 90Degrees // Jegging- Rodeo // Sneakers- Converse // Bag- from Korea // Deer necklace- Bl!ng
I went to Central Park Mall on Christmas Eve and it was so crowded! I wear simple and casual outfit because I used bus to go there with my brothers and aunt. Ah I have to learn driving once again! I wore 90degrees white shirt and jeggings with converse. My bag is so small so I have to put my DSLR in my cousin's bag (boy with pink shirt). I need a new bag, simple but stylish and big enough to bring my camera. FYI, I miss my long hair (actually I'm bored with this short hair already) and growing it back now hahaha :))
Final exams start Monday and I'm doing the take-home-tests right now! I want to skip these 2 weeks but it's just impossible so I must work hard. BYE~

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