Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Tokyo Banana

As I promise, here is the review post of Tokyo Banana! Thanks bro that I finally could taste it. He bought 2 boxes, each 8 and 12, the original and leopard.
It's kind of sponge cake with banana custard filling (original) and banana chocolate cream (leopard). It smells so good, really. Banana smell but not too strong, just okay. The texture also so soft and the feeling is not too sweet. Perfect! I just couldn't resist to eat another piece. It must be consumed in 7 days so you can't keep it too long. *sad*
Anyway, the leopard print is only available in Tokyo Sky Tree, it also comes with cute tokyo banana earphone plug (ah, what should I call it? -_-)
If you travel to Japan, this is a must buy! :)) Recommended! Omg I want it again~

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