Monday, February 11, 2013

Outfit : Happy Chinese New Year !

Mineola dress // UP wedges // bl!ng reindeer necklace // random bangles // diy flower crown
Happy chinese new year ! Wish this year brings more luck and prosperity :))
How's your CNY? I didn't feel the CNY euphoria here. I didn't celebrate CNY in my hometown (Pontianak) these 2 years, and at the CNY eve, I missed my home in Pontianak sooo much! My dad, brother and I went to temple and there were barongsai (lion dance), dragon attraction, lanterns, and fireworks. Not bad :))
I hardly ever wear high heels, but I decided to wear it more often this year...but sneakers are still the best for me :p I think I need diet....look at my arms *sob* We just gathered in my grandma's apartment, and got angpaos . Yeay!  Anyway, today is the 1st day of semester 4. Lots of theory -__-
How's your CNY ? :))

Hype me please :D

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