Friday, October 5, 2012

365 project, #1 #2 #3

favorite hand accessories on 365 Project
patroli car on 365 Project
today's dinner ;) on 365 Project
I'm on 365 days photography project and today is 3rd day :D I hope my photography skill can be better through this project. Although I have a lot of things to do, I take a little time to take a photo for this project. I really think that this blog will turns into photography/assignment blog because I never take outfit photos now. I don't go back to Jakarta and I wear t-shirt and jeans and sneakers everyday that makes people think I'm boyish *sigh*. It's super comfortable outfit for school, really! (and fyi, Serpong is so hot!)
I don't know what is the difference between weekdays and weekend now. I study on the weekdays and work on assignments on weekend. I feel like working 24/7, I even dream about my assignment! lol
I'm such an overthinking animation student hahaha ;p

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