Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Streamzoo pics #1

I usually post random-pics to Streamzoo , it's an application that similar to instagram . I love the "Toy Hipster" effect the most :) I love Instagram so much but I don't have any apple products , so I found something similar (for android), and I got this !

Line 1 : My Hello Kitty collections . I moved to new dorm and got a space to put my HK collections :)

Line 2 : Green beans bread ! I found it on Sinpasa , and it's from Pontianak, my hometown . On the right is "chai kue" and here they call it "kue choi-pan" . Not bad lah ! hahaha

Line 3 : Fried Bihun bought near my dorm . Taste good ! And those are "Nastar" , pastry filled with pineapple jam . It's so delicious fyi . My auntie gave it to me , she made it herself :) She is in Pontianak ^^

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