Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snacks from Japan & HD

Hello , I made this post just to show you things from Japan ;) Yesterday night , I ate sushi at Paula's auntie's house , made by a Japanese . You might know that I LOVE JAPAN so much , so can you imagine how happy I was when I met them ? hahha :p Okay I didn't talk so much but I took photos with them ;) (Hey look at my legs , it's better now :p)
I hate the photo's quality :'( 

Some snacks I got . Hm I mean Paula gave me these ! These are from the Japanese ! Thank youuuuu :*
Collagen and something like powder syrup ;)
Can't wait to try them , hehe ..

Finally I bought a hard disk !!! :D
And I ate durian tonight (finally!) It was so deliciousssssss :p
So this is it :D Jaa na ! xx

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