Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Header

hey ya ! Finally , i changed my blog header MySpace Just simple header actually , but i'm happy because i made it by put some of my drawings ;) the feeling is different when you can do/make something by yourself then just copy it from the web MySpace and i wanna start using these kinds of emoticons . they're so cute lol but it's too big huh? -_-
i have plans to make this blog looks better , err wanna 'go international'
MySpace so please keep supporting my blog ;)
by the way , i really dislike they who like to follow you and say that they're the 'trendsetter' . i have tried to forget it but it's really annoying don't you think this way ?
Ok , out of the blog topic....this is about SCHOOL !MySpace my teacher said that the schedule of high school national exam has been told . It starts on 18 April 2011 to 21 April 2011 . besides the national exam , we also have to face the additional lesson , try-out , and school exam . It means that for this 4 months i will be busy in studying MySpace . Wish me luck for this so i can continue my study to the university and can be a real blogger ;p

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