Sunday, December 12, 2010


I watched this movie on Monday with my friends . This is really WOW movie . Yah i think lol
So happy we had finished our term test , and watched this in 3D .
Totally fun movie , funny , entertaining , and i just love all of Disney's movies :D
Here are the casts :
Her hair is really long . And i think sometimes her hair looks longer and shorter haha . She is actually the lost princess . A old women kidnapped her since she was baby because her hair has magic power .

Flynn Rider . Wohooo i love him :) :) :) His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert . He is a thief that finally fall in love with Rapunzel . Handsome and funny xD

Pascal is a really cute chameleon lol . I had like him (or her) before i watched the movie :p I think the real one won't as cute as him -_-

And this is it , Maximus ! Totally entertaining horse haha . All of his action will make you laugh loudly . he is the kingdom loyal horse , chasing Flynn but in the end he help Flynn out of the dead penalty .

The Pub Thugs they help Rapunzel and Flynn . Kind people , i think hehe . And of course , funny lol

So much fun ! I will watch this film again :D Disney is amazing . 2 thumbs up is not enough for me . If i have 10 or 20 or 100 i would give it all to Disney haha . For you who haven't watched this movie , i recommend you to watch . No regret , i guarantee . hahaha :p

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