Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tiring Day

I'm tired . I'm bored . I'm sick of school these days .
We're having test almost everyday , and i have no time to relax . I need holiday !!!
I had math test yesterday , physics test this morning , computer test tomorrow , biology test on Monday and also Wednesday . Then i have HSK (Mandarin) test on November 14th . What the ... I haven't prepared well yet :'(
Ah , i had my university test last Sunday . I'm not sure about the result , but i wish it would be the best for me . Maybe tomorrow i will know the result . Impatient ! I wish i could get the scholarship up to 50% . Yeah i wish =_=

hmm , i have designed a shoes , but i don't want to post it on my blog before i make it . hehe .
I miss making felt craft . I don't make it for an age , hahhaa :p If i'm not mistaken , the last craft i made was on July =__=
I plan to change my blog header and also layout , but really , i have no time to do it :'(
Sorry if my post these days were soooo boring , i can't edit any photos and tutorials or fashion from the Japan magazine :(

Show you my latest polyvore sets :)

"Winter is Coming"

"Party and Rawk !!"

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